11 Years on at LRS

This year, 2019, marks 11 years since Land Referencing Services formation. LRS have grown rapidly in recent years, and look forward to continuing to do so over the coming years. Since our 10-year anniversary, we have gained further team members, updated and expanded our LRS Academy® and secured new, large scale projects in a number

Graduate Employment and Training Provided by LRS

The following news has been published by the University of Wolverhampton: “Land Referencing Services, one of the Business & Technology Centre’s longest serving tenants, are taking on university graduates and training them via their own in-house training programme, LRS Academy®. In 2015 it was recognised that there were no qualifications in land referencing, so in

LRS Careers Experience

LRS reached out to the Shropshire Learning Community to discuss and explore how we can impact and support students, setting them up for the future and a potential career in a geography-based sector. During the meeting we discussed the “Gatsby Benchmark”: The Gatsby Career Benchmarks are the result of an international study to find the

We passed!

We are pleased to announce we have passed our recent audit with flying colours! We work hard throughout the year to maintain high standards of work, organisation and documentation of all processes, ensuring we are maintaining a great quality to pass our yearly audits! We have passed 3 ISO standards with flying colours: ISO 9001