Land Referencing

LRS help identify and consult with all affected parties who have an interest in land which may be affected by a project. We produce a high quality, competitive and specialised service. We offer a complete land referencing service and support for access licences, environmental assessments, planning applications, land registration, public inquiries and land acquisition.

Land Referencing is the foundation of many major infrastructure projects that involves research into land ownership, rights over land and understanding and exceeding legislative guidelines.

We have worked on CPO, DCO, TWAO and Hybrid Bill schemes of all shapes and sizes, including road, nuclear, rail, utility connections, gas storage and wind farms for both private and public-sector clients.

People with an interest in land include not only owners, tenants, occupiers and mortgagees but also anyone who holds registered rights over land, for example, sporting rights, access rights or the benefits of a restrictive covenant.

Our Services Include

Production of
CPO/ DCO Plans
Produce Schedules and Books of Reference
Fully Auditable
Generation & service of statutory notices

How We Achieve This

Non-Contact Land Referencing

We cross examine sources of information from Land Registry and various data searches, to identify people with an interest in land. At this stage a client may also wish LRS to conduct a sensitive non-contact site visit to establish any areas of concern, land boundary verification and potential third-party interests.

Contact Land Referencing

Working with ecology, engineers and the design teams, LRS will collaborate and work up land requirements to define the red line boundary. We will seek to contact and meet with each affected party having an interest in the land in question. Our focus is to maintain clear dialogue with affected persons.


Our unique bespoke LRSystem® is a scalable software and database solution that provides a GIS user interface for capturing land parcels/ land ownership information, providing each stage of the Land Referencing process with high level verification through our LRSystem®. Supporting desktop land referencing, ownership schedules (Book of Reference), Land Plans, Access Licences and Notices through our LRSystem®, providing a fully auditable trail along with project management for every scheme we are appointed to.

Key Points

  • Version control of ownership

  • Strata ownership to support the categorising of notice requirements

  • The LRSystem® is regularly updated to ensure it is current with industry demand.

  • High level quality verification

  • Offers a fully auditable trail and project management

  • The LRSystem® is capable of running large scale party transactions for each project

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