Site Notices

A legal requirement used to broadcast that a planning application has been submitted to the Council for a property close to the location of the notice.

We can produce, affix and maintain all types of site notices. All notices are generated through our LRSystem® with a fully auditable trail of maintenance and tagged photos. Site Notices provide the public with information regarding the project; this aims to reduce the number of potential enquiries and to provide assistance of where to make further enquiries.

Our Services Include

Liaise with parties in the project area
Update our LRSystem® with project data


Our unique bespoke LRSystem® is a scalable software and database solution that provides a GIS user interface for capturing land parcels/ land ownership information, providing each stage of the Land Referencing process with high level verification through our LRSystem®. Supporting desktop land referencing, ownership schedules (Book of Reference), Land Plans, Access Licences and Notices through our LRSystem®, providing a fully auditable trail along with project management for every scheme we are appointed to.

Key Points

  • Version control of ownership

  • Strata ownership to support the categorising of notice requirements

  • The LRSystem® is regularly updated to ensure it is current with industry demand.

  • High level quality verification

  • Offers a fully auditable trail and project management

  • The LRSystem® is capable of running large scale party transactions for each project

Other Services