LRS reached out to the Shropshire Learning Community to discuss and explore how we can impact and support students, setting them up for the future and a potential career in a geography-based sector.

During the meeting we discussed the “Gatsby Benchmark”:

The Gatsby Career Benchmarks are the result of an international study to find the best practice in career guidance worldwide. The Gatsby team visited six destinations: Germany, Finland, the Netherlands, Ireland, Hong Kong and Ontario, where career guidance is known to be excellent.

From these visits, the team drafted eight Benchmarks to define the essentials of good career guidance.  The draft Benchmarks were tested hard: through consultation, through a survey of 10% of schools in England and through a costing exercise by PwC.

After publication in 2014, they were tested further in a pilot in North East England in 2015–17, involving a wide range of schools in terms of size, location and Ofsted rating. From all this research and testing, they are confident that the Benchmarks are a robust but realistic framework for developing career guidance that is world class.

The Learning Community, in partnership with Land Referencing Services through our LRS Academy®, want students to gain experience in the work place, called “Applied Learning Context”. LRS are looking to work alongside schools to provide the Applied Learning Context by offering teachers a day’s work experience in our office, allowing teachers to gain an insight as to what students would be tasked with during their work experience placements.

We are also looking at taking on students to complete their work experience placement in our head office, which will allow them to gain an understanding and insight to where studying geography can lead them. During the student’s placement at LRS, it is likely we will provide a tailored, short version of the training we provide our team through the LRS Academy®.

We look forward to working within the community and developing this partnership, providing a great work experience placement for students who are exploring careers in geography.